The Heart of the matter…

The Heart of the matter today, is a matter of the heart…


LOVE, unlike the little heart in the middle of this  sweet red pepper, cannot be bought, sold, or traded.

Love is not a source of vitamin C,  a commodity, a substance nor even an energy force that can measured or regulated.

Love knows no borders, has no definable territory, nor quantifiable mass.

Love speaks out for justice and protests when harm is being done.

Love points out the consequences of hurting oneself or others.

Love is compassionate and empathic.


On Valentines Day we acknowledge and celebrate romantic love as well as family love for parents and children. But perhaps it would be helpful to celebrate love in more expansive forms too.

Love connects us all.

Love cares what becomes of you because love knows that we are all interconnected.

Perhaps we can expand our view of LOVE this Valentines Day to be more inclusive, and use our interconnectivity wisely, then just maybe there may be something for everyone on February 14th.

Why not start today by using your virtual connectivity show and to share love?

Here are a few good ways to start….

Connect with Child Rescue Alert

Child Rescue Alert is nationwide system that has the potential to save a child’s life in the rare but tragic event that a child is abducted in the UK.
Fastforward and SPEN are pleased to be supporting this potentially life-saving system, run by the National Crime Agency, the charity Missing People and technology company Groupcall, by asking you to take a moment and sign up today.

Connect with family Year of the Dad

Connect with your children and make sure they stay safe online.


And why not connect with the words of Parker in this adorable Action for Children film.

‘LOVE is on the inside of us….and at certain times gets on the outside of us as well’

Lets help LOVE get to the outside of us more often, after all at the heart of the matter, is always a matter of the heart…

Happy Valentines Day! from Fast Forward and SPEN






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