Fast Forward to 2034… not just any 2034… but a tobacco-free 2034!


Alastair MacKinnon CEO

Hi, I’m Alastair, not just any Alastair, but Fast Forward’s Chief Executive Officer.

Fast Forward and SPEN have a long track-record in delivering exciting projects to support tobacco education and prevention work with young people and those who work with them. We are working towards helping to create a tobacco-free generation through partnership and collaboration at all levels. My role currently includes input to Scottish Government advisory groups and supporting the Youth Sector Tobacco strategic group as well as supporting our in-house activity.

I would like to introduce you to the Fast Forward and SPEN Team, let’s see how they are helping to work towards a tobacco-free generation….

This is Richard, but not just any Richard, this is Fast Forward’s resourceful Richard!


Richard Foy, Fast Forward Development Officer

As part of the Fast Forward Edinburgh Team his remit is to work with young people providing information on how to stay safe around various substances including tobacco. He is helping to support working towards a tobacco-free generation by using the Cigarette Logo Quiz. It can help to identify young people’s knowledge around cigarettes and promote conversation around brand packaging and tobacco advertising. The ‘What’s In A Cig ?’ can be used to look at the various harmful chemicals that can be found within cigarette smoke.

…..and this is Laura, but not just any Laura, this is Fast Forward’s legendary Laura Sharp!


Laura Sharp, Fast Forward Project Officer

Laura is helping to create a tobacco-free generation with her work on Smoke-free Homes. This work is in partnership with NHS Lothian Health Promotion Service and is targeted at Primary schools across the City of Edinburgh, and East and Midlothian Council catchment areas. Through the Smoke Free Homes and Zones project she places a particularly focus on Second-hand smoke and the benefits of a home and car being smoke free. Sessions delivered to primary school age pupils also include the dangers of smoking to an individual’s health as well as the effects on the environment.


Elaine MacLennan, BME Project Officer

This is Elaine, but not just any Elaine! this is Fast Forward’s enterprising Elaine who works with minority ethnic groups across Scotland.

Elaine supports work towards a tobacco-free generation by using these picture resources with young people from the Gypsy Traveller Community. They show the effects of smoking on certain parts of the body and what those body parts should look like when they are healthy.

And this is Annie, but not just any Annie, this is SPEN Annie…


Annie Scrimgeour, SPEN Officer

Annie and SPEN are working towards a tobacco-free generation by providing advice and information through The Scottish Peer Education Network, and opportunities for professionals and young people involved in Peer Education to come together to share resources and celebrate good practice. SPEN is delighted to welcome Donald from ASH Scotland to the next SPEN meeting in Glasgow on the 25th February to share his expertise within the SPEN network.

If you would like to find out more about how your organisation can help towards creating a tobacco-free generation follow this link

Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-Free Generation

and find some fantastic tools for Youth Work here

Youth Work Essentials


Fast Forward endorses Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation



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